Niagara Region Growth Scenario Analysis, 2018 to 2041

As a follow-on study to the data analysis project relating to Niagara Region’s Affordable Housing Strategy, this study provided forecasts of Niagara Region’s future housing stock and population characteristics up to the year 2041 under different growth scenarios. The baseline growth rate was set as the average completion rate over the last five years in Niagara Region, and a slow growth and target growth scenario were developed in collaboration with Niagara Region (the target growth scenario is aligned to Niagara Region’s target population under Places to Grow). These scenarios reveal the potential socio-economic impacts of alternative growth scenarios. The results were reported at the Regional and local municipal level and support evidence-based policy-making that considers the consequences of different growth paths in Niagara Region.

The full report can be found here (see appendix 1).

A video of CANCEA’s presentation of the results to the Council of the Whole can be accessed on Niagara Region’s website here.



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