Influence via our
Specialized Reports

Evidence-based ways to achieving your objectives

Influence via our Specialized Reports

Our government and industry consulting practice will accompany you through a process of influence and change from start to finish. Our team provides a range of services based on your needs.

Introduction and application of our four-pillar approach

We have been very successful in making the case for change, with approximately $17 billion unlocked in successful government and industry campaigns in Canada since 2002. With this success comes valuable insights as to what works and what doesn’t. Our four-pillar approach is a framework derived from these experiences and we will be pleased to share this with you.


Goal identification and planning

Clients tend to have a strong understanding of what they’d like to achieve but are less clear on problem identification and how detailed,
data-driven analysis can help them. With our knowledge of the complexity and participants of socio-economic systems, we are able to decompose a client’s objectives into a detailed plan of how to make the case with evidence and analysis.

Stakeholder consultation & workshops

A data-driven, evidence-based process requires the ability to update and inform clients and their stakeholders throughout the project. This supports an incremental understanding of the insights and key messages that are revealed through modern data analytics. Furthermore, with our knowledge of complex socio-economic systems, we are able to guide stakeholder consultation processes toward revealing consensus and understanding.

Rapid Analysis

All of our projects are supported by Canada’s largest and most comprehensive socio-economic simulation platform. This allows us to run analysis quickly and repeatedly throughout a project. Clients benefit from this approach as they don’t need to wait till the end of a project to begin understanding the results and how they can be used and communicated. It is through the timely and periodic presentation of results that clients are able to comprehend and gain confidence in the results and what they mean prior to a report being generated and a communications process planned.

Specialized Reports

Our clients will tell you that our reports are well-researched, well-designed and are exceptionally comprehensive. Our reports highlight how actions and their consequences are linked, and how a change affects the socio-economics of a community, different industries and taxation revenues. Our reports help clients understand the unexpected opportunities which present policy, business and communications opportunities that differentiate them from the rest.


By virtue of their nature, reports are a static sample of the results of analysis. This can be convenient for less sophisticated advisory firms, however, for us, the results reported are the tip of a very large database of analysis that can yield continuing insight-generating and communication opportunities. We support clients in their continuous journey of better decision-making, influence and change by providing them with a comprehensive database and dashboards of the results of the project analysis. This way, clients become self-sufficient and dynamic in responding to their stakeholder’s and the market.

Key Messaging and Communications Support

Given our knowledge of complex socio-economic systems and our approach to ‘systems thinking’, clients have benefited from our unique ability to distill and properly frame key messages for their communications resources and process of influence.
Powered by our unique approach to socio-economic systems analysis, high-impact key messaging is made significantly easier given your ability to traverse the hyper-detail of a wide variety of topics and create evidence-based narratives that are people-centric. This is particularly well-suited to projects where multiple disciplines overlap to reveal where insightful and unique key messages live.

More than 400

Leading companies and government institutions

Trust our services for policy and business-critical forward-looking analysis.


All of our socio-economic analysis, across 800 topics and over 56,000 local regions, are modelled as one system in one simulation platform ensuring the quality and consistency of insights generated across all locations and topics.
Our systems approach allows for best-of-class data generation and forecasting from hyper detailed trend and causation analysis.
Regional information that extends beyond traditional data sources to ensure that the best information on local area populations and economies can be utilized.

Hyper-detailed information accompanies our insights, predictions, and forecasts. Hyper-detailed trend and causation analysis is determined by data with little reliance upon assumptions.

The sheer richness of our data and simulation capabilities, both in terms of who, what, when, where, and the relationships between them, drive an ability to answer many more questions.

As a strictly data-driven firm, we are necessarily apolitical. The consistency of our hyper-detailed local data can be summed and independently verified against official projections by government statistical agencies, central banks, and the OECD.

Our dedication to a one-model systems approach with hyper-trend and causal analysis keeps assumptions to a minimum. Any assumptions are shared openly so you and others can use our results with confidence.

With modern technology, methods and access to data, high-quality socio-economic analysis and data should not cost as much as it does. We’ve made the investments and are keen to disrupt the industry with highly cost-effective services that matter to you.