Canadian Centre for Economic Analysis
  • With more than 400,000 active, deferred vested, and retired members living in Alberta, LAPP, ATRF, PSPP, and SFPP, the plans and their members contributed over $4.8 billion to provincial GDP in 2021. This is equivalent to 1.5% of Alberta’s economy. The economic activity supported over 43,700 jobs and $2.2 billion in wages for Albertans.
  • Retirees who are members of a public pension plan in the study are 34% more likely to report higher satisfaction with life than retired Albertans with no pension. The financial equivalent to the increased satisfaction of life evaluated using the well-being valuation approach is $1.2 billion in 2021, or when added to a retiree’s regular pension payments, a 56% increase in the value of their pension payments relative to no pension plan.
  • This research seeks to understand the social value generated by pension plans that provide a secure and stable source of income in retirement, such as OMERS, by examining reported satisfaction with life among OMERS and non-OMERS populations. The reasons for any differences are investigated, including the roles of financial security, health, stress, and community engagement.
  • OMERS contributed over $11.8 billion to provincial GDP in 2020 through its activities in Ontario. This supported over 118,300 jobs and $5.8 billion in wages for Ontarians, as well as nearly $3.3 billion in combined federal and provincial government revenue through corporate, income and consumption taxes.
  • CANCEA applies its systems approach and big data modeling platform to housing affordability to quantitatively determine the major drivers of decreasing affordability in Ontario and the GTHA.

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