Via our proprietary community systems modelling, we turn data into systems information to yield accurate insights and help clients make better strategic decisions

Our Services

CANCEA is a leader in Canadian demographic, social, and economic forecasting. Our rigorous, hyper-detailed forecasts are powered by Canada’s largest, fully-integrated socio-economic simulation platform. Our experts and analysts help our clients to track, analyze, and forecast household, industry, and regional-level trends. They help our clients understand the implications of the demographic, infrastructure, and economic expectations and insights for their decision-making.

Strategic Advice and Insights Generation

We have over 20 years of experience providing critical thinking to a range of social, economic, and strategic issues in Canada and abroad. Our experience and knowledge of socio-economic systems provides valuable insights as to how to approach a problem, how to measure it, and how to communicate the key messages that accrue from data-driven analysis.

Influence via our Specialized Reports

Often our clients seek to advocate and influence policy that can affect people, communities, and industries. We provide data-driven, evidence-based ways of achieving these objectives that are independent and non-partisan. Through this process, we differentiate our clients from the crowd so as to gain the attention of and access to the scarce resources of governments and industry groups.

Forecasting, Scenarios, and Sensitivities

CANCEA is home to Canada’s largest and most detailed socio-economic platform that is used to produce a wide variety of standard and custom forward-looking simulations tailored to suit our clients’ needs across their geographical interests.

Business Cases, Impact Evaluations, and Appraisals

We develop business cases and undertake evaluations for different industries and projects of all scales, complexities, and stages of development. We have provided expert witnesses and other support for a wide range of projects.

Industry Socio-Economic Analysis

We have the expertise to integrate industry knowledge with hyper-detailed socio-economic analysis so that your organization has the support necessary to plan and execute with confidence.

Economic Development and Situational Analysis

We have economic situational analysis reports for the 3,573 municipalities in Canada. These reports examine the characteristics of a region relative to its surrounding region and other comparable regions across a variety of key metrics that are used for long-term economic development plans and investor site selection purposes.

Municipal Government Support

We have 20 years of experience in supporting municipal governments with their planning and policy strategies. The data provided through our hyper-detailed regional modelling services has enabled numerous strategic regional studies and laid a solid foundation of socio-economic analysis and data required to plan economic development and regional growth.

Regional Growth Risk Management

Regional municipalities, cities, and towns often have to plan and invest for population growth as either mandated by themselves or by higher levels of government. Growth is one of the riskiest initiatives that a region may face and it requires all-inclusive systems modelling to identify and measure the risks so they can be managed.

Housing Stock and Affordability Analysis

We are Canada’s foremost independent housing analytics firm, trusted by CMHC, cities, and towns for their housing analysis needs and planning databases. The analysis we provide has unparalleled detail that is used by municipal planners and housing advocates across Canada.

Social Value Analysis

Organizations around the world seek to understand and measure their value and impact beyond strictly economic and financial metrics. In support of your ESG investor strategy, you’ll find we have Canada’s largest database of social value drivers to be applied to your organization, investments, and policy formulations.

Collaborations and Partnerships

We provide modelling and data services to other consultants requiring independent and detailed socio-economic analysis to support their own research/project work. Consultants can leverage our data resources to obtain a knowledgeable and alternative perspective on challenging project issues. Joint project partnerships or sub-contractual arrangements can provide an ideal solution to meeting clients’ needs.