Strategic Advice
and Insights Generation

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Strategic Advice and Insights Generation

For over 20 years we have been providing solutions to complex questions, working with clients on a wide range of economic, societal, and planning issues.

Using Canada’s only socio-economic agent-based simulation platform to provide valuable evidence-based insights, we are committed to supporting our clients and partners in their decision-making by providing realistic, timely, and detailed socio-economic intelligence.

Our multidisciplinary group of consultants are experts at applying our advanced socio-economic platform to provide valuable insights for our client’s most pressing business, financial, and policy issues.

We provide ground-breaking research and analysis that supports advising private sector clients, market institutions, and governments on:

More than 400

Leading companies and government institutions

Trust our services for policy and business-critical forward-looking analysis.


All of our socio-economic analysis, across 800 topics and over 56,000 local regions, are modelled as one system in one simulation platform ensuring the quality and consistency of insights generated across all locations and topics.
Our systems approach allows for best-of-class data generation and forecasting from hyper detailed trend and causation analysis.
Regional information that extends beyond traditional data sources to ensure that the best information on local area populations and economies can be utilized.

Hyper-detailed information accompanies our insights, predictions, and forecasts. Hyper-detailed trend and causation analysis is determined by data with little reliance upon assumptions.

The sheer richness of our data and simulation capabilities, both in terms of who, what, when, where, and the relationships between them, drive an ability to answer many more questions.

As a strictly data-driven firm, we are necessarily apolitical. The consistency of our hyper-detailed local data can be summed and independently verified against official projections by government statistical agencies, central banks, and the OECD.

Our dedication to a one-model systems approach with hyper-trend and causal analysis keeps assumptions to a minimum. Any assumptions are shared openly so you and others can use our results with confidence.

With modern technology, methods and access to data, high-quality socio-economic analysis and data should not cost as much as it does. We’ve made the investments and are keen to disrupt the industry with highly cost-effective services that matter to you.