CMHC Research: Understanding the Economic Impacts of Investments in Affordable Housing


In addition to a literature review, CANCEA has been tasked with creating a framework for the studying, measurement, and verification of potential economic and social impacts of investment in affordable housing in Canada. This framework, which provides information on the units, methodology, data, and description of the impacts is provided below.
The purpose of this framework is the verification of expected outcomes for projects, with the studying and measuring focused on evaluating different project options. For example, when studying the impact of investment in housing for the disabled (the “study”), one would expect big healthcare opportunity gains (the “measure”). It is important to note that this framework is not about evaluating how a project performs.

Download literature review: IAH_Literature Review Report_FINAL_31.07.2018

Download report: IAH_Framework_FINAL_31.07.2017



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