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Ontario Lung Association: New Research Supports Accelerated Closures Of Coal Plants

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The study, conducted by RiskAnalytica, focused on three disease areas: asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and lung cancer, and examined the health and economic impact of air quality in two ways: retrospectively, by looking at current health scenarios calculated as if air quality had been left at 1990 levels, and by examining the impact a 25 per cent reduction in current pollution levels would have on Ontarians' lung health today and 30 years from now.Lung disease is a leading health concern in Ontario that costs more than $4 billion annually. While there are personal choices an individual can make to protect and maintain his or her own lung health, air quality remains a key risk factor for lung disease. Fortunately the government of Ontario has recognized the need to improve the province's air quality and, among several initiatives, has committed to eliminate all coal-fired power generation by December 31, 2014.