Canadian Centre for Economic Analysis


The Centre is dedicated to the central objective of bringing community, business and government stakeholders together around a robust, realistic, enduring and affordable regional prosperity evaluation and planning process.

As an initial early adoption process, the Centre is working with the following stakeholders:

  • RiskAnalytica: A renowned Canadian policy analysis group that has been developing and operating sophisticated demographic, health and economic computer simulations for over a decade
  • Residential Construction Council of Ontario and Residential & Civil Construction Alliance of Ontario: Not-for-profit policy and practice organizations that financially contribute to the development of the infrastructure simulation platform concept on an "arms-length" basis.
  • Ontario Construction Secretariat: Established under provincial legislation to represent the collective interests of the organized building trades unions and their signatory contractors in the Industrial, Commercial and Institutional (ICI) construction industry. The OSC also financially contributes to the development of the infrastructure simulation platform concept on an "arms-length" basis.
  • Region of Peel: An early adopter of the decision analytics of the platform, contracts with the Region of Peel have been vital for the continued development of the socio-economic simulation platform.
  • Universities and government agencies: In the spirit of the central objectives of the Prosperity at Risk simulation platform as an regional and provincial evaluation and planning tool, several universities and government agencies are participating in workshops with the Centre that allows them to:
    • Become more familiar with the methods, assumptions and data requirements of the simulation platform
    • Direct attention towards data that can inform the platform
    • Progress the evidence-based conversation about regional prosperity