Canadian Centre for Economic Analysis

Regional Economics

The economic analysis and policy team helps clients to influence the economic policy debate, participate in regulatory, taxation and policy developments, and plan for the future. Our analysis is designed to influence key decision makers at government and regulatory levels, support economic development departments, assist with corporate strategic planning and to contribute to higher prosperity performance.

Our support is provided either as a single project evaluation or as a retained economic development service.

Our Prosperity at Risk computer simulation forecasting platform combines the demographic, economic, industrial and public infrastructure profiles of every municipality across Canada to allow stakeholders to understand the short and long term connection between policy decisions and:

  • Municipal, provincial and federal accounts
  • Economic accounts for industry production, income, expenses
  • Household wages and consumption
  • Demographic and industrial growth profiles
  • Sources of taxation and transfers at each level of government
  • Private asset and public infrastructure demand and investment
  • Economic sustainability and the financial risks of growth

Our analysis differs from the usual demographic and economic forecasting services provided by organizations in that we are able to simulate for any timeframe the interconnected change of over 1.2 billion variables across Canada by incorporating multiple sources of data sources, including all sources of Statistics Canada data.

The approach allows for a multitude of decision and planning support analysis, which is not limited to:

  • Forecasting and planning scenario analysis
  • Cost benefit, cost-effectiveness, cost-utility, economic return on investment analyses
  • Economic contribution and impact studies and project evaluation
  • Infrastructure, capacity and inter-generational modeling
  • Regional economic development planning
  • Government tier asset management and finance
  • Strategic growth assessment, regional competitiveness