Canadian Centre for Economic Analysis

Canadian Centre for Economic Analysis

  • Shelter Affordability Across Canada

    Housing affordability has grown into a national concern resulting from a number of complex and interconnected factors. There may not be a one-size-fits-all solution for this problem across Canada.

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  • Mental Health in the GTHA Workplace

    Mental health issues in the GTHA labour force are a growing concern with an estimated 1 in 5 employees in the GTHA currently living with a mental health issue, resulting in an estimated average annual loss of productivity of $1.7 billion (inflation-adjusted) over the next 10 years. Read More...

  • Ontario Infrastructure Investment: Federal and Provincial Risks & Rewards

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    Public infrastructure investment is crucial to the prosperity of a region – it supports the quality of life of its residents and the productive capacity of industries. Without sufficient investment in public infrastructure, future economic growth and prosperity would be at risk.

  • Research Report: Understanding Shelter Affordability Issues

    Ontario affordability pressures are at an all-time high with at least 1.2 million households under significant pressure.

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  • Investing in Ontario's Public Infrastructure: Improved Economic Evaluation of Benefits and Risks

    Much better data, metrics and other analytics are essential for better infrastructure investment in Ontario. However, a critical weakness in traditional models is their inability to capture what is at risk tomorrow if an investment is not made today. CANCEA’s Prosperity at Risk (PaR) computer simulation platform uses an agent-based modelling and “systems thinking” framework to measure infrastructure’s impacts and the economy….

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Decision making for the prosperity of a region is complex, multifaceted and both internally and externally focused. Within one framework, the connections are made between different futures and the manageable factors of prosperity. Read more…. We serve municipalities, regions, provinces and industries that seek a 360° understanding of the issues facing them. We combine science, evidence and expertise with modern quantitative decision support computing power. Read more….

Forecast and scenario analysis of the economic accounts for Canadian regions

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Historical and forecast economic and population health indicators for Canada, provinces, municipalities and industry sectors