Canadian Centre for Economic Analysis

Research Consulting

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The Canadian Centre for Economic Analysis adopts a “systems approach” to socio-economic analysis which has been made possible by innovations in agent-based modelling. Our interdisciplinary analysis is designed to influence key decision-makers in government, support economic development departments, assist with corporate strategic planning, and contribute to higher prosperity.

Our research is typically provided either through individual projects or as a retained service. Our analysis differs from other organizations in that we are able to simulate the interconnected changes in nearly 1,000 traits across 50 million individuals, businesses, non-profits, and governments across Canada.

The Centre has had the privilege to work with leading socioeconomic organizations, including government, industry associations, non-profit organizations, academics, and other stakeholder organizations. See our Publications for public examples of the type of work we undertake.

What we can do for you:

We can help identify the key drivers of our shared sustainability and prosperity and the impacts (intended or otherwise) of potential policy changes in your area of concern.

Please contact us at for more information.