Canadian Centre for Economic Analysis

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As a research organization, we provide objective, independent and evidence-based analysis dedicated to a comprehensive and collaborative understanding of the short and long-term risks and returns behind policy decisions and prosperity outcomes.

Our interdisciplinary group of analysts and researchers serve municipalities, regions, provinces and industries that seek a best-of-breed understanding of the issues facing them using the Centre's leading edge Prosperity at Risk evidence-based decision making platform. Funded exclusively through the fees we charge to public and private sectors, this approach allows for evidence-based advocacy and planning using:

  • Local, regional, provincial and Canadian characteristics
  • Dynamic demographic, industry and employment growth profiles
  • Infrastructure portfolio considerations
  • Techniques that allow for the explanation of the why, what and when

The Prosperity at Risk simulation forecasting platform combines the demographic, health, economic, industrial and infrastructure profiles of every municipality across Canada to allow stakeholders to understand the short and long term connection between policy decisions and:

  • Population growth
  • Regional economics
  • Infrastructure asset requirements
  • Land use policies
  • Operational expenses
  • Regional health and infrastructure requirements
  • Regional industry mix
  • Financial accounts
  • Fiscal and debt policies

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